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Basic course for health and safety representative, Kiljavan opisto

3.12. - 5.12.

This course is intended for people whose mother language is other than Finnish.

The course is intended for representatives working in occupational health and safety tasks at workplaces, especially for new ones.

The aim of the course is to find out the basic information related to occupational health and safety and to become familiar with the regulations governing the operation. The course introduces the occupational safety and health organization and the tasks and roles of the occupational safety and health personnel. The course also provides basic information about the interaction between work and health and work-related stress factors.

Key contents:

  • basic concepts of occupational health and safety, areas of operation, goals
  • duties, rights and obligations of persons working in occupational health and safety duties
  • the main principles of legislation regulating occupational health and safety
  • proactive occupational health and safety activities and hazard assessment
  • accident thinking and follow-up
  • work and work environment load factors
  • the principles of solving the occupational health and safety problem
  • occupational well-being in the workplace
  • industry specific questions.

The employer pays the salary or compensation for loss of earnings (according to collective agreement) and meal allowance to the Kiljava institute or union pays you scholarship. Union pays the education that includes accommodation (2 persons/room) and travel expences only for the driver 0,285 €/km or according to public transport tickets.

You can accommodate for the previous night, but that you should let the institute and union know before. Union will pay that too.

Instructions for applying: koulutus@sahkoliitto.fi


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Kiljavan opisto


Kiljavan opisto, Nurmijärvi
Kotorannantie 49
Kiljava, 05250 Suomi
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